Stay healthy, be fizzy. Cheers, 乾杯, Salute, 干杯, Nastrovje, चियर्स, CinCin, טשירז, Santé, في صحتك, Salud, चियर्स, Gejuig, Prost! spiritschweppes

Unlike Coca Cola, Schweppes from 1783, the oldest soft drink brand in the world, has no public museum or central archive. The private initiative thanks all diggers, divers, collectors, experts and storytellers in all continents that unique exhibits and historical knowledge about one of the oldest world brands are preserved for future generations.


1st modern marketing for stimulation: Vin Mariani daily newspaper advertisement 1886, 1st industrial brand for fizzyness: J.Schweppe & Co soda 1832, 1st World Exhibition London 1851, 1st Black Penny stamp GB 1840, 1st Coca Wine 1863, 1st Coca Cola hobbleskirt bottle 1915, 1st CC & Pepsi cans since 1960ies. collection spiritschweppes

spiritschweppes marketingcabinet

2.6.2021 : spiritschweppes 70th


Digging to the roots of Coca Cola: the first USP statement (Unique Selling Proposition) as a printed publication, framed in the 1890ies. Artwork by William Henry Hamilton Trood (1859-1899). Schweppes innovative eggshaped bottle with wired cork refreshed the victorian world with fizzy soda soft drinks in the 19th century. In the 20th century, Coca Cola became the most famous branded product worldwide. 

I will take the time until 2033, the 250th anniversary. Then a worldwide Schweppes community will celebrate the birth of the fizzy grandma of Coca Cola. Unfortunately, the high stimulated grandpa Vin Mariani passed away 🙂 The main thing: Cheers – lets stay healthy with a fizzy spirit for a fizzy mind. Now you are invited to scroll through my private collection. PANTA RHEI, water and time, everything flows. The Pasteur Chamberland filter completes the picture. Time for endless conversations in my marketingcabinet and WUNDERKAMMER…/spiritschweppes-worldwide/


    • Cheers Paul! J.Schweppe & Co. has been a court supplier to the British royal family since 1831. For example, ginger beer in earthenware bottles has been sold worldwide for around 100 years. Images on

  1. I’m impressed with this story! By “impressed” I mean really fascinated! Working as Sommelier I look forward to improving my knowledge about beverages. I’m a Bartending teacher in the southeast of Brazil and this post was amazing for me. If I have permission, I’ll share it with my pupils. I can’t stress this enough – how important was your
    attitude. It caused me great proud of you. Congratulations!

    • You are Welcome for sharing a fizzy mind to this world 🙂 Stay a healthy & fizzy family ! Cheers, 乾杯, Salute, 干杯, Nastrovje, चियर्स, CinCin, טשירז, Santé, في صحتك, Salud, चियर्स, Gejuig, Prost!

  2. I have an old Schweppes torpedo bottle with sterling silver stand that says westworth. Any idea how old this is. Says Schweppes Berners street Oxford street

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