August 28th 2020 : CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTIAN WARNECKE ON YOUR 5TH SCHWEPPES BIRTHDAY IN THE GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS. The certificate says: “The largest collection of Schweppes related memorabilia is 3973 items and belongs to Christian Warnecke in Hamburg, Germany. As verified on August 28, 2015.” As a collector’s friend and storyteller, you now belong to the private spiritschweppes.com family, which as a virtual museum with tens of thousands of followers worldwide tells the exciting story of the first global brand and mother of Coca Cola. PS : (2020: more than 5400 items)


Yesterday on the 22nd of March the international WORLD DAY OF WATER has passed almost unnoticed. He had the guiding theme “leaving no one behind – water and sanitation for all”. As late as the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin, the American scholar, publicist and politician said: IN WINE, THERE IS WISDOM. IN BEER, THERE IS FREEDOM. IN WATER, THERE IS BAKTERIA. The photo from my marketingcabinet spiritschweppes.com should pay tribute to the historic drinking water pioneers. SPA 17 / 18C, SELTERS / SCHWEPPES 18 / 19c, SINALCO / COCA COLA 20c. These first global players in carbonated, hygienic drinking water have taken humanity a long way to the development of water and sewer systems (end19C). With safe drinking water at an affordable price – innovatively packaged in the world’s first bottles. In the foreground: water bacteria, made visible.

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