Room for a fizzy family

Let your thoughts fly in my Wunderkammer of everyday culture, away from the everyday.

I, hjk for short, have worked in global marketing all my life and am now a collector, curator and storyteller with a penchant for philosophizing in beautiful Potsdam near Berlin.
I offer my private cabinet of wonders “spiritschweppes” as a space for spiritual flying. As a display depot, marketing cabinet or simply as a relaxed place of everyday culture away from the usual everyday life. A room for lively people, the Fizzy Family.
In the footsteps of the XXL brand Coca Cola, I put together the development of marketing, branded goods and finally: the garbage. This connection is significant for our time and retrospectively forward-looking 🙂
My collection presents historical exhibits from global brands of German origin. Keynotes are values ​​and added value.
Shown using the example of Beiersdorf, Faber Castell, Maria Farina, Nestlé, Oetker or Schweppes.
So I live and work forever curious in the midst of a lively, worldwide “Fizzy Family”, inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the 18th/19th Century, the genetics of our time.
I openly offer the “spiritschweppes” experience to all interested parties, teachers and learners.
Personal visits, groups, salons and brainstorming sessions of up to 12 people are welcome by arrangement.
google: spiritschweppes…/the-spirit-of-eggbottles/
Hans-Jürgen Krackher-Nickel •