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In memory of my role models Jacob Schweppe, german inventor, researcher, entrepreneur 1740-1821 and David Jones, australian art director and author of “Saving the Fizz”, 1949 – 2020.


THE “MOTHER” OF COCA COLA. https://spiritschweppes.com Until the end of the 19th century, German mineral fountains were export world champions in the worldwide shipping of natural mineral water. An army of regional potters in the Rhein / Lahn / Mosel area turned stoneware jugs in millions of copies. Both for the domestic “Selters” brands, as well as for the Dutch gin producers. But Joseph Priestley and Antoine de Lavoisier discovered the artificial production of carbon dioxide at the end of the 18th century. In 1783, the German Jacob Schweppe patented the “Geneva principle” in Switzerland, the serial production of artificial mineral water using compressor technology. In 1792 he went to England with it. The British Empires worldwide naval power had the greatest need for “acid” mineral water. Because instead of the sterilizing mixture with alcohol, it could ensure a germ-free water supply on months-long sea voyages. For this purpose, J.Schweppe & Co. produced ca. since 1800 eggshaped bottles made of earthenware and glass with a pointed bottom. It was used to derive the internal pressure. Because artificial “soda” water had multiple pressures as natural mineral water. In addition, the lying bottle kept the natural cork moist and therefore tight. The “plop” when opening was the proof for refreshing water enjoyment. At the first Great Exhibition https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Exhibition in London1851, alcohol was prohibited as a precaution. J.Schweppe & Co. was the sole supplier of a non-alcoholic “soft” drink. Over 6 million visitors refreshed themselves with it and made Jacob Schweppes eggbottle worldwide the “mother” of Coca Colas hobble skirt from 1915.

The Spirit of the Bottle ©

A Michael Jones Edition © is now turning wood into what mankind has been making out of glass for thousands of years: the hollow bodies of everyday culture, as artistic as water. ORIGINALS WAIT FOR MICHAEL JONES FROM MANCHESTER. He works on construction, is a private bottle fan, a Tawney hotelier (on Facebook) and a hobby wood-turner. From blocks of precious wood, he transforms rare bottles into unique works of art for collectors. I think the idea for an MJ Edition © is conceivable and great. Here comes the “market research”: What do you think of Michael Jones artworks, please write your opinion. spiritschweppes.com will show.

SpiritSchweppes : more than Schweppes. Fizzy since 1968

The collector Hans-Jürgen Krackher dedicates itself to everyday culture in the Potsdam World Heritage Site from palaces and gardens.
As a marketing expert, he demonstrates the development of the branded item in his marketing cabinet using the example of historical containers and bottles. As a gallery owner, he offers hands-on exhibits, and as a blogger, he organizes a worldwide network of collectors.
His topic is the emergence of marketing, based on the Coca Cola bottle from 1915. It is the most famous branded article in the world. The collector explores the history of mental refreshment and stimulation. The element as a food with taste and effect, tap water as a basic food. Historic world drinks such as beer, tea or wine. Distilates like spirits or essences.The collection includes marked vessels from 1700, hollow bodies are the oldest product packaging in the world. The focus is on the pioneering days of German global brands. With Johann Maria Farina, 1709 founder of the Eau de Cologne. With Jacob Schweppe, 1783 developer of the first industrial soft drink. Or Bayer, the international drugstore since 1863. The spirit of research, innovation and enterprise unites them all. Hence the collection name “spiritschweppes”.
The exhibits are historical world brands, auctioned by excavators, divers and diggers from all continents. The archive contains over 3000 documents and artifacts. The discarded “treasures from the trash” are handmade precursors to industrial mass production. Manufactured from glass and earthenware as unique pre-industrial pieces.
The message is museum education in the sense of collecting. Receive. Understand. Convey.
Krackher’s vision is to develop a digital platform to document private collections for the next generation. With practical instructions for lettering, visualization, digitization, presentation. spiritschweppes.com is on the way there.

Hamilton-bottle easter egg search 2020

INVITATION TO THE LARGEST EASTER EGG SEARCH IN THE WORLD 4105 thanks to all diggers, collectors and experts from eggbottles in all continents that made the private digital museum of
spiritschweppes.com possible. stay fizzy and healthy


With my collection spiritschweppes.com I would like to draw your attention to the World Water Day, to which the United Nations calls every year. In 2020, the motto is “Water and Climate Change”. This is to show how closely the topics of water, nature and climate change are linked.
Benjamin Franklin already said in the 18th century: “In wine, there is wisdom. In beer, there is freedom. In water, there is bacteria.“ Like no other product of humanity, global beverage brands have shown the way. With hygienic drinking water, innovatively packaged at an affordable price.
SPA 18c global shipping of sprkling spring water in glass bottles as a remedy. SELTERS 19c global shipment of natural mineral water as a soft drink. SCHWEPPES 19c global production of artificial mineral water as a soda soft drink. COCA COLA 20c global soft drink production at an affordable price of 5 cents. The technical development of the beverage bottle is of central importance for the supply of human beings with safe and inexpensive drinks. The development of the plastic bottle takes drastic responsibility for producers and consumers today.

Digging a schweppervescent generation

Press response to Germany’s largest glass gathering meeting in Hessisch Oldendorf on February 16, 2020. My “empty-bottles-storytellung-case” was mentioned with the story of Coca Cola: Spa, Selters, Schweppes, Coca Mariani – up to a Coca Cola hobbleskirt with full content from 1915. So not only older people with even older bottles had fun, but (according to the English example!) also curious young families