Discover the chapter before Coke and the generation ahead

For Schweppes, worlds first worldbrand for softdrinks, no museum exists worldwide. We will open the door. KEY SPIRITSCHWEPPES

spiritschweppes digging to the roots of cokemission2033discover “spiritschweppes wunderkammer” 

Cabinet of Curiosities – the inspiring example. The early practitioners of science in Europe, which  formed collections in cabinets of curiosities with bits and pieces of art, natural history and antiquities. So I am researching and digging to the roots of Coke worldwide, collecting the milestones of softdrinks and mental refreshment.   


You are welcome in Potsdam, Germany


my vision: the spiritschweppes wunderkammer on tour 


Cheers to a schweppervescent world! Lets write the endless softdrink-story since 1783. In 2033, the german born Jacob Schweppe will have its 250th anniversary of introducing the modern softdrink. Nowadays, the idea of mental effervescence lost its authentic homelands, the British Empire. With helping hands of the Schweppes community worldwide, my blog will start an exciting storytelling from the past into the future. My mission is a a worldwide roadshow for the 250th anniversary of Schweppes in 2033. From romain baths to redbull cans. From magical apothecarys to silicon valleys 🙂 Please contact me with your input, ideas and inspiring flashes. (18 years left to do the fizzy job, I will be 82.)
RollUp spiritschweppes

Digging to the roots of Coke in Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany: Storytellers, Collectors and Softdrink-Ambassadors Christian Warnecke & Hans-Jürgen Krackher01 SCHWEPPES02 SCHWEPPES03 SCHWEPPES09 SCHWEPPES

You are welcome – cheers to crafted schweppervescence

small spiritschweppes crafted gingerbeer

the wunderkammer of schweppervescence, worldwide unique in Potsdam, Germany


fountain 2015


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