TODAY AN EYE TO THE SAND OF THE DESERT OF NAMIBIA: my spiritschweppes collection is celebrating the World Water Day  – Valuing Water.

With my collection I would like to draw your attention to the World Water Day, to which the United Nations calls every year.
Benjamin Franklin already said in the 18th century: “In wine, there is wisdom. In beer, there is freedom. In water, there is bacteria.“ Like no other product of humanity, global beverage brands have shown the way. With hygienic drinking water, innovatively packaged at an affordable price.
SPA 18c global shipping of sprkling spring water in glass bottles as a remedy. SELTERS 19c global shipment of natural mineral water as a soft drink. SCHWEPPES 19c global production of artificial mineral water as a soda soft drink. COCA COLA 20c global soft drink production at an affordable price of 5 cents. The technical development of the beverage bottle is of central importance for the supply of human beings with safe and inexpensive drinks. The development of the plastic bottle takes drastic responsibility for producers and consumers today.

2 thoughts on “WORLD WATER DAY

  1. Franklin also said “Beer is proof that God loves us.” I was supposed to have an operation on March 19 because I could hardly walk. Because of the China virus, I was not operated on and will not for the foreseeable future. I am just hanging out at home and going nowhere. People here are going nuts. There have been fights over toilet paper at the supermarkets. Very few places are open. I am very tired of all the stupid TV coverage. You sound as if you are a fan of climate change concerns. I do not believe as some do in the USA that it is the #1 problem in the world. Right now it is this damn China virus. My sister is going to end up going broke because her retirement stocks are falling like a stone. She has no independent income as I do with my pension. I cannot afford to keep her in her house by giving her money. That’s my #1 concern. I think clean water is big concern of everyone here including me, but it has been getting better under President Trump. It concerns me that countries like China do not adhere to any standards when it comes to pollution. I certainly hope the conditions are better where you live.

  2. Hello Mr. Bateman,
    thank you very much for your time, your collector’s knowledge and your private notes from the USA. This opens up a very interesting perspective for me. Grown up professionally in the large US arms of the 1950s and 1960s in Germany (Frankfurt / Main: Army Airport, AFN, Jazz Clubs, US advertising agencies). Now I am allowed to correspond with an authentic American who is a top specialist in the icon Coca Cola – as I am very familiar with Coke’s family tree. I would be happy to enter into a dialogue with you regarding the outside view of Europe and the rest of the world towards the US. The cornerstones would be: “Community” instead of “America first” and „Human Ethics” instead of “Deals”. This topic is interesting for me. I would very much like to talk to you in detail via email and also exchange photos. I would be delighted if you could get in touch there.
    And as far as our “knowledge competition” for the fizzy worldbrands is concerned: let’s share stories and stories on in parallel. Maybe the US and Europe can make this world a little more fizzy, refreshing and clever 🙂 Please stay healthy & wise.

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