Legends and Stories: Fizzy genetics of Coca Cola

A brand suggesting to be the pioneer: “Thomas Henry, gentleman and first mover since 1773”. (Schweppes claims his Geneva-Patent for aerated waters 1783) Fact is: labeled on the bottle is William Henry, https://www.britannica.com/biography/William-Henry For marketing uses, he’s looking sexier than his father. As a pharmacist, Thomas Henry was famous in producing HENRYs MAGNESIA, later on he sells aerated waters over the counter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Henry_(apothecary) The question is: does anyone know a bottle or a document to identify Thomas Henrys aerated waters?
Thank you John Ault for your great input.



Jacob Schweppes renaissance at china

The softdrinkstory of Jacob Schweppe: open source since 2014 at spritschweppes.com . The video for Jacob Schweppe: inspired by spiritschweppes.com, produced for Schweppes Belgium/Europe in 2017. And last, but not least: Schweppes Shanghai covered the video from Europe for China.  Jacob Schweppe, born in Germany 1740, inventor of the softdrink industry 1783, open source at spritschwepps.com since 2014, revived in Belgium 2017,  today lifestyle in China. CHEERS 🙂