spiritschweppes´ homebrewed ginger

Cheers! My brew consists of 15 liters of water. 1000g ginger. 10 lemons. 100g brown cane sugar. For the starter, add ginger, sugar and water in a glass, feed daily and wait until it bubbles – depending on the room temperature, it may take a few days. Then bring the grated ginger to a boil twice and let it cool for one day. Add the ginger sauce through a sieve in 15 liters of water in the fermentation tank, then the starter. Add the juice of 10 lemons and 100g cane sugar. Mix well. Let cool for 2 days. Then fill in bottles. After about 1 week, the brew is ripe. Brown yeast has settled in the bottles. It is bitter and not suitable for enjoyment. taste it and believe it 🙂

Jacob Schweppe’s ginger alive: Stonie ginger beer London, Margaret Street 1830ies. Stonie ginger beer Melbourne, 1880ies. Cordial bottle GB / AUS 1920ies. Cup memorial edition, 200th anniversary US 1792/1992. Eggbottle great exhibition fountain, AUS 1880ies. Bottlestand Leuchmars & son, Piccadilly, GB 1900ies

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