The fizzy Mothers of Coca Cola

01 SPA NO 1 natural mineral water, Belgium, from the early 18c, first traded worldwide north of the Alps in free-blown glass bottles with cork closure.
02 SELTERS NO 1 natural mineral water, 18./19. Century. From source-rich areas in Germany as later Apollinaris worldwide in clay pitchers with leather / tar secured cork closure distributed.
03 J. SCHWEPPE NO 1 approx. 1830 industrially produced mineral water, until ca. 1910 eggbottles with Blop-Top. The World’s First Marked Soft Drink Bottle,, Company Address Margaret Street, London. J.Schweppe & Co. will be at the Great Exhibition 1851 in London with the creation of a giant soda fountain known worldwide as a fizzy soft drink.
04 SINALCO NO 1 = “sine alcohole” since 1907 with clip closure and natural fruit essences is growing into the leading soft drink brand in continental Europe and overseas. Coca Cola is in the process of turning the switch from soda fountain to bottle: ” Drink Coca Cola in Bottles “

COCA COLA benefits from these 4 pioneers. In CC Soda-Fontains and from 1915 worldwide uniform in the Hobbleskirt bottle, CC becomes an affordable soft drink for 5 cents for humanity. The industrial bottle production (Owens since 1903) the invention of the Crown cork (W.Painter 1892) and not least the invention of the cooling units by Linde (1873) made the mark around 1900 to the ingenious start-up and the most well-known mark of our time (despite Apple) until today.4 S small

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